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Donne Geddes Home Chiropody Care provide professional mobile feet and nail treatments in the comfort of your own home. From an ingrowing toenail to cracked heals, contact us to arrange your appointment today.

Athletes foot treatment

Athlete's foot is a common and contagious fungal infection. This ailment is very common on the feet, but can spread to other areas of the skin such as your hands.

Some symptoms of athlete's foot include an itchy, stinging or burning sensation and may include blisters between the toes, or the cracking or peeling of your skin.

This condition,  whilst common can be uncomfortable, however it is treatable.

Foot pain & heel pain

If you suffer from foot or heel pain when standing or walking then this can and will often make every day seem like a chore with the constant grind of pain.


There can be a variety of reasons why you are suffering from this and most can be treatable by a professional.  You may have suffered an acute injury or wound, or you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

As fully qualified and registered Foot Health Practitioners, Donna Geddes Home Chiropody Care are here to help and advise you. 


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Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are a very common problem and although they mainly occur on the big toe, you can get them on any toe. 
Typical symptoms can include swelling, redness, pain and general discomfort.

Many people make the mistake of trying to cut away the part of the nail that is growing into the skin. This will almost always  definitely lead to further problems such as an infection.

Contact us so we can review your foot health, treat as needed and help to advise you on the future care of your feet.

Cracked heels & dry skin

Cracked heels and dry skin can lead to discomfort, itchiness and pain even when sat stationary. It can also appear unsightly.

Get in touch with Donna Geddes Home Chiropody Care and make an appointment. We will treat you in your own home at a convenient time and provide you with some aftercare advice to help you and the care of your feet.

Take a look at some of our general hints and tips and help yourself avoid potential future problems with your feet.

Bunion and corn treatments

A bunion is a bony lump that can form on the side of your feet. This usually occurs on the side of the big toe and can cause your toe to point towards you other toes. 

This can look unsightly with hard and swollen skin but more importantly it can lead to pain along the sides and the bottom of the foot.

A corn is an area of hard or thick skin which can cause pain as they can become tender. A corn can restrict your range of footwear and affect your mobility due to the pain felt by the patient when any foot pressure is applied.  Although not usually serious, they can be very uncomfortable and worsen if not treated by a professional.


Nail cutting and shaping

Whether you are an older patient who struggles to keep your nails trim and tidy or your nails are simply a little awkward or look irregular, Donna Geddes Home Chiropody Care are here to help.  Thickened nails can be reduced for comfort and will appear more cosmetically pleasing.

You can sit back and relax whilst we trim, reduce any thickened nails and shape your nails as needed to ensure you are comfortable when mobile. 

As we are cutting your nails, we can give some general aftercare advice and we are in the perfect position to identify any other potential problems such as calluses or corns.

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Verruca treatments

A verruca is a small lump which can appear on the skin, they normally disappear of their own accord, however, this can take some time and they can be painful.

A verruca is contagious as this is a virus, but it can take months to appear after having come into contact with it. Treatment of a verruca is relatively simple however, proper aftercare and advice is needed to ensure is goes completely, doesn't reoccur and to reduce the chances of spread to others.


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Foot massage

Sit or lay back and release the tension from your day.
Whether you are having an issue with aching feet or just want a little bit of pampering in your own home, enjoy a relaxing foot massage.


A foot massage can improve circulation and help to rehydrate the skin.

Rely on Donna Geddes Home Chiropody Care, your feet are in safe hands. Get in touch and let us help you relax and relieve that tension in your feet.

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Looking for a professional foot health practitioner?

Whether you're suffering from a foot condition above such as dry and cracked skin, have an ingrown toenail or a verruca, we're here to help.

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