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At Donna Geddes Home Chiropody Care, we are always asked a great deal of questions about general foot and nail care. Take a look at some of our more frequently asked questions below.

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Moisturising regularly can help slow the build up of hard skin on your feet. It will not stop it all together, but the trick is to moisturise little and often, ensuring the moisturiser soaks into the skin completely leaving your skin, supple, smooth and dry.

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Using a pumice stone or an emery board on your feet after a chiropody treatment can and will help to maintain your treated feet, keeping them smoother for longer. 

If you have any kind of condition such as a verruca or warts, we recommend not doing this to avoid spreading the condition.

Moisturise Regularly

Pumice Stones


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Always cut your nails straight across and avoid the temptation to cut down the sides of your nails. 
Cutting down the sides of your nails can make the issue much worse and introduce an infection.

If you are suffering from pain, get in touch with us for some advice. All our equipment is sterilised, so there is much less chance of getting an infection or causing additional problems. 

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Footwear has always been a major contributing factor for foot health. Ill fitting shoes and high heels that make the feet feel uncomfortable can lead to problems which require treatment. 


Nail cutting

Professional foot and nail advice and treatments

Following any treatment we will always give you the best advice and aftercare possible to reduce the effect of your condition whilst increasing the effectiveness of your treatment.

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